Artisan Sea Salts – YUM!

One thing I really love about food and ingredients is the fact that there is always something new to learn about.  Or, as in this case, something old to learn about. Salt. A basic ingredient around the globe can also be very complex. Recently, I have experienced finishing salts in a whole new way thanks to the folks at Secret Stash Sea Salts.

So far, I have gotten to try the following flavors: Soy, Almond Orange Cardamom, Nicoise Olive, Lavender Rosemary and Bloody Mary. I want to try every salt they make. Almond Cardamom put a whole new twist on a slice of roasted turkey. Poach, fry or just boil and egg and sprinkle some of Bloody Mary Salt on it and whoala – you’ve got a whole new eggsperience.

I really want to encourage everyone reading this to go to the website, read about all of their flavors, pick the one that sounds most interesting to you and TRY IT! I highly recommend the products and I am excited because it is at the top of my list of the best things to put in my mouth right now. You can taste the crafting, time and attention to detail in evert sprinkle.

Best of luck to Secret Stash. I hope you are around for a long time. Check out their latest press in the Seattle Times. And, if you are looking to learn about the history of sea salt, there is a great read on their site. The recipes are worth a peak and if you are looking for a foodie gift for someone, you will not go wrong with this selection.

I give this product a five-spice review!

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